Free Sunday School Lessons

If you’re looking for free Sunday school lessons for kids, you’ve come to the right place!


Most of my free lessons are written as part of a series. You will find those lessons on my Curriculum page. I write them around a theme, adding in all the other elements (such as review, Bible memory work, and activities) to fill out a class period.

However, on this page you will find children's or youth Bible lessons on a variety of topics. You might want to use one of these Sunday school lessons to teach on a specific topic one week or as a supplement to your current curriculum.

I have only a few stand-alone lessons ready at this point but will add to this list of lessons as I continue to add to the website.

Following Jesus

The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Never Stop Praying - Perseverance in Prayer

The Life of Moses

The following lessons are adapted from my We Are... Curriculum. I reworked them, aiming them more toward middle-school and high-school students:

We Are the Body of Christ

We Are Branches

We Are the Bride

We Are Children of God

We Are Epistles

We Are Light

We Are Salt

We Are Sheep

We Are Soldiers

We Are the Temple


Writing Your Own Sunday School Lessons

You might want to write your own Sunday school lessons or curriculum, based on the needs of your particular group of students. You know them best! You will want to, of course, pray for God’s direction on what He wants your students to learn at this particular time. In addition, you might want to ask them some of the following questions to assess their Bible knowledge (varying the questions based on the age of your students):

  • Do you own a Bible? (You will get to know your own Bible very well by using it over and over again, reading it and looking things up. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring your own Bible to class even though we have Bibles here that you can use.)
  • How many books are in the entire Bible?
  • How many books are in the Old Testament?
  • What are the major divisions of the Old Testament?
  • Can you name all the books of the Old Testament?
  • How many books are in the New Testament?
  • What are the major divisions of the New Testament?
  • Can you name all the books of the New Testament?
  • Do you read the Bible regularly (daily)?
  • Have you ever read through the entire Old Testament?
  • Have you ever read through the entire New Testament?
  • Can you name one of the 10 Commandments? All of them?
  • Can you quote Psalm 23 or tell me what it is about? What about another Psalm, such as 1 or 150?
  • Can you quote The Lord’s Prayer?
  • Can you name a parable Jesus told?
  • Can you name a miracle Jesus did?
  • Can you name one of the Beatitudes (“Blessed are…”)? All of them?
  • Can you quote the plan of salvation as outlined in Acts 2:38?
  • Can you name a fruit of the Spirit? All of them?
  • Can you name a piece of the Armor of God? All of them?

We can all learn more about the Bible! By memorizing verses, passages, stories, and principles from the Bible, we have the “sword” of God’s Word with us at all times, even when we don’t have our actual Bible in our hands. We need the Sword with us because we never know when the devil, our enemy, will attack. Equip yourself and your students.

When writing your Sunday school lessons you might also want to ask your students what they are interested in learning and what kind of questions they have about the Bible and Christian living.


After assessing your students' Bible knowledge and interest, you can set some goals for what you want to teach them and begin to search for children's Bible lessons or curriculum on those topics, or write your own.

When writing Sunday school lessons, try using lots of questions, giving your students a chance to share what they know and you a chance to help them find the answers in the Bible. Make sure your lessons require your students to actually use their Bibles. In this way, they will become more familiar with their Bibles and also see the value of bringing their Bibles with them to class.

Remember: You can find many lessons in several complete curricula available via my Curriculum page.

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