Fall Activities & Ideas

Here are some ideas for fun fall activities you can do with your class, your church, or maybe even your neighborhood. You can choose a single game or activity to add some fall flair to an existing class time or choose several and plan an entire festival.

I know many churches prefer to avoid Halloween-related activities, so a fall- or harvest-themed party can be a great alternative. Plan some games and treats and celebrate together as you enter a new season.


Scarecrow Relay

Scarecrows are a fun symbol of autumn that can be incorporated into fall activities such as this race.

Object: Be the first team to have all players dress up, run, and return.

Prize: An apple or other fall fruit for each member of the winning team.

Items Needed: Two sets of clothing that a scarecrow might wear; for example, straw hats, flannel shirts, and gardening gloves.

Procedure: Form two teams. At your signal, the first person in each team must don the hat, shirt, and gloves and then run to a predetermined point and back with her arms sticking straight out to the side like a scarecrow. When each returns to her team, she must pass the clothing items on to the next person, who repeats the process. The winning team is the first one in which all members have completed the course.

M&M Guess

Object: Guess how many M&Ms (or other small candies in fall colors) are in a jar.

Prize: The jar of M&Ms.

Items Needed: M&Ms (precounted), jar, small pieces of paper, pens.

Procedure: Have each participant write down his/her guess for the number of M&Ms in the jar. At the end of the event, figure out who guessed closest and award them the jar.

While this game can obviously be used during any season, it can be a great addition to your fall activities because the colorful candies are reminiscent of the changing leaves, and the cooler fall temperatures should keep the chocolate from melting.

Cake Walk

Bake some yummy treats and add this fun game to your list of fall activities. You can turn it into a fundraiser by charging admission to the cake walk.

Object: Win a treat by stopping on the called number.

Prize: An autumn-themed treat.

Items Needed:  Cupcakes, cookies, caramel apples, Rice Krispie bars--a variety of individually wrapped treats decorated with a fall theme; numbers printed on 8.5”x11” sheets of paper (laminated would be good); small numbers equal to those on the larger sheets; masking tape; music (CD player with CD or iPod).

Procedure: Beforehand, tape larger numbers to the floor in a circle, taking into account the age of your participants and the size of their steps. To play the game, have one participant stand on each number. When the music begins, have the participants walk from number to number until the music stops. Pull a number from a “hat” to determine who wins the prize.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Fall activities must have pumpkins! :)

Object: Land hoops or rings over pumpkins and win prizes.

Prizes: Fall stickers, small toys, small books, and/or pumpkins.

Items Needed:  Various sized pumpkins with numbers on them; hula hoops or other large rings.

Procedure:  Have participants throw three rings and try to land them over pumpkins. Have a prize for each number (i.e., if you ring the #5 pumpkin, you choose from the #5 prize bucket) . You can also add total points, keep track of them, and award your high scorers the pumpkins themselves at the end of the event.

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

Object: Pin a paper stem on a paper pumpkin as close as possible to the correct spot.

Prizes: Fall stickers or other small items of your choice.

Items Needed: A paper pumpkin and several stems (you will need to draw or print these items); tape or tacks; blindfold.

Procedure:  Attach the pumpkin to a bulletin board or wall. Blindfold a participant, carefully spin him around a few times and then have him tape a stem to the pumpkin attempting to place it as close as possible to the correct spot (place an “X” or dot for reference).  Have approximately 5 people attempt to place the stem (or an entire class if it is small). Whoever is closest wins the prize. Repeat as desired.

Corn, Corn, Pumpkin

Play this game like duck, duck, goose, having all kids but one ("it") sit in a circle on the ground. The one who is "it" walks behind the kids, touching each one on the head and saying, "Corn, corn, corn..." until she chooses to say, "Pumpkin!" Whoever she calls "pumpkin," jumps up and chases "it," trying to reach her before she is able to complete the circle and sit in "pumpkin's" spot. If "pumpkin" does not catch "it," he is the new "it." If he does catch "it," she continues to be "it." Play as long as interest remains, making sure a variety of kids get to be "it."

Drop the Pumpkin

Play this game like drop the handkerchief but instead of a handkerchief use a small stuffed pumpkin (or apple or other fall fruit), having all kids but one, "it," sit in a circle on the ground. The one who is "it" walks behind the kids and stealthily drops the pumpkin behind one of them. When someone discovers the pumpkin behind her, she must grab the pumpkin, jump up, and chase "it" around the circle attempting to reach "it" before he reaches her spot in the circle. If she does not catch "it," she is the new "it." If she does catch "it," he continues to be "it." Play as long as interest remains, making sure a variety of kids get to be "it."


These fall activities can obviously be used any time of year but make great additions to an autumn celebration.

Bubble Bowls

This is a twist on your standard bubble blowing and is so fun that even adults like to participate! It can also be done indoors, which is great if some of your other fall activities are affected by the weather.

Items Needed: Bubble solution (you can purchase this or make a sturdy bubble solution by mixing 1 part ultra dish soap [Dawn or Joy are best] to 15 parts water [distilled water works best] OR 1 part regular dish soap to 10 parts water, adding 1/4 part white corn syrup or glycerin for even sturdier bubbles); bowls; straws; paper towels.

Demonstrate: Pour some bubble solution into a bowl and demonstrate how to blow through the straw into the solution to make bubbles. Show students a bubble trick: Blow a big bubble in the bowl. Then, making sure your straw is wet (otherwise you will pop the big bubble), insert your straw into the bubble and blow a bunch of smaller bubbles inside. Then give each child a bowl and a paper towel to set it on. Pour enough bubble solution into each bowl to cover the bottom to about ½”. Give each child a straw to blow into the bubble solution (remind them not to suck!) and let them blow to their hearts' content.


Activities for Younger Kids

If you have a lot of younger kids participating in your fall activities, they may not be interested in or able to do some of your games. Set up a special area for them with fun, noncompetitive activities such as:

Musical Instruments

Set out a tub of children’s instruments such as guitars, xylophones, maracas, tambourines, etc. Turn on some music and let them play along.

Artist’s Area

Have a variety of artistic media such as paper, scissors, crayons, markers, tape, glue, coloring books, stickers, Play-doh with cookie cutters, etc. Have some things with a fall theme and encourage the kids to create a masterpiece.

Blocks or Lincoln Logs

Have some floor space set aside for kids to build amazing structures with blocks or logs. 

Quiet Corner

Set out some fall or harvest-related puzzles and books for kids who would like to do a quiet activity. Make the area comfy with bean bag chairs, couches, and big pillows if possible.

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