Jesus Is A-Z

Exploring Jesus' Titles & Adjectives

Description: Jesus Is A-Z is a fun and effective Sunday school curriculum that exalts JESUS! The lessons focus on who JESUS is by exploring 102 of His titles and adjectives alphabetically. (This curriculum is based on the King James Version of the Bible. If you use another translation, titles and adjectives may be slightly different.)

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The first Jesus Is A-Z lesson is introductory, the next 24 lessons cover one or more letter’s worth of titles and adjectives, and the final lesson is an end-of-series review. Some of the lessons cover a lot of material, so you will need to keep things moving to get through it all in the specified amount of time.

(You can find the visuals and banner on my Free Sunday School Printables & Visuals page.)

Goal: Help kids get to know Jesus better and realize how truly awesome He is!

Our goal is not to go into extensive detail on each of Jesus’ titles or adjectives, but to expose kids to many words and definitions, emphasizing how amazing it is that Jesus is ALL of these things. Even the 102 titles and adjectives we cover cannot fully describe Him!

Overview: The lesson plans for this Jesus is A-Z Sunday school curriculum are written to cover 1-1/2 hours and follow this basic format:

  • STAFF PRAYER & WELCOME - pre-class
  • MEMORY WORK - LARGE GROUP - pre-class through first 15 minutes
  • MEMORY WORK - SMALL GROUP - 10 minutes
  • WORSHIP - 10 minutes
  • REVIEW - 10 minutes
  • RULES & PRAYER - 5 minutes
  • BIBLE LESSON - 20 minutes
  • BIBLE SKILLS - 10 minutes
  • ACTIVITY/SNACK - 10 minutes

You will, of course, need to adjust the time allotted to each item depending on your class length. Following is an overview of each section of the lesson plan.


This is one of the most important parts of the class—before the kids arrive. We must spend time in prayer and make sure the classroom is clean, ready, and inviting. Praying together as a team before class will allow God to work through us in ways we cannot accomplish on our own. 


We want to engage kids from the moment they arrive. We play games and sing songs to help them learn and remember the books of the Bible, reinforce the concepts we are studying, and memorize Bible verses.

Jesus Is A-Z Song

I thought it would be great to have a song to help us remember Jesus' titles and adjectives, so I came up with a song to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In." I do not have audio or video of us singing this song to post yet, but click the link for printable lyrics. If you follow the lyrics of "When the Saints..." printed underneath, you can see how the song goes.

Jesus Is A-Z Cards

Game idea: Print two copies of these pages onto cardstock and then cut them into cards to play a Jesus is A-Z memory game. This game helps familiarize students with Jesus' titles and adjectives, even if you have not covered them yet. The cards are also great for review.

To play the memory game, take 13 pairs of cards. Mix them up. Lay them out on a table in a grid; for instance, 4 rows of 6-7 cards each. Then have students take turns flipping over 2 cards to see if they match. If the cards match, the student gets to go again. If not, the next player takes a turn. Continue in this way until all cards are matched. See who has the most cards and give a small reward, if desired.

NOTE: I printed my cards on yellow cardstock, but you might want to use a darker color since the kids can see through the yellow cardstock if they look carefully.

If you have other ideas for games with these cards, please share. :D

Jesus Is A-Z Memory Work Songs

During large-group time, we often sing songs to help kids more easily quote the verses they will work on during small-group time. You can find these songs on this page. Scroll down to the section that says: "Memorize Verses from the Jesus Is A-Z Curriculum."


A few years ago I realized we could make more progress memorizing Bible verses if we divided our class of 5- to 10-year-olds into smaller groups and allowed each student to work at his/her own rate. The kids love this time! They enjoy the more individualized attention of the teachers. Also, the older kids are not held back by the younger.

You will need to assess the size of your group to determine the number of teachers you need to help during this time. We staff our class with three or four teachers, which works very well for 15-20 kids. From time to time we have had some extra helpers come in just during MEMORY WORK - SMALL GROUP time to assist kids and listen to them quote verses.

You will need to decide what verses you want your kids to memorize. We usually have students work on six verses at a time. The basic idea is to have students quote one verse at a time, then two at a time, then three at a time, etc., until they are ready to quote all six at once. This is based on a system found in a series of workbooks called Quick and Powerful Scriptural Concepts for Children by Valda Johnson and Ilene Sargeant (which can be difficult to find and order online).

We offer prizes for students who pass with a score of 80 percent or better.

For the Jesus Is A-Z curriculum, I made Bible memorization charts based on verses covered in the curriculum:

Jesus Is A-F Memorization Chart

Jesus Is G-L Memorization Chart

Jesus Is L-Q Memorization Chart

Jesus Is R-U Memorization Chart

Jesus Is V-Z Memorization Chart


Transitioning from small groups back into one group all together can become chaotic. It helps to begin to play music and gather everyone together with singing and worship. Sing two or three songs, at least one energetic, so kids can be active, and one slower and more worshipful, so kids can really focus on Jesus.


Review is an important part of our class time. We want the kids to remember the things we have been learning, cumulatively, throughout each quarter and the entire year. Start with questions from last week’s lesson and work back through previous lessons, filling up 10 minutes. You can play quick games, but keep track of the time, as it’s easy for games to run long.

JESUS IS A-Z Review Questions


Have a basic list of about five rules. (We call ours “Class Promises.”) Review these quickly and pray with the class to help the kids focus right before the BIBLE LESSON.


I have written the Jesus is A-Z Bible lessons with an inductive approach, introducing a topic (using a 3D visual if possible) and asking numerous questions of the students. Some answers are open ended, intending to invite discussion, and some have specific answers. Sometimes I ask a question as a way of introducing information, which I then provide in the answer. Asking questions is a way for me to gauge how much students already know. And they sometimes surprise me by providing very thought-provoking answers I hadn't even considered. The joys of teaching!

I have scripted these lessons to make them very easy to teach. Words you are to say are in bold type. Suggested answers are given in parentheses. Highlighted words are actions you are to take. NOTE: Please read the indicated verses from your Bible. It's important that students see us teaching from God's Word.

There are visuals for each of Jesus’ adjectives and titles we are studying. During the Bible Lesson, these visuals are added to a piece of poster board with that week’s letter in the middle. The poster board can be attached to a cardboard display board with a couple of pieces of Velcro in the top corners. You can turn the poster board over and use the backside for the next week's letter, or you can use a single poster board for each letter and then post them around the classroom. We use these poster boards for review purposes throughout the series.

Each lesson has three parts: Introduction, Lesson, and Life Application. The Life Application always includes time for prayer. Please be sure to allow time for the kids to respond to the lesson in prayer. This is so important!

You will find the printable visuals that go with each Bible Lesson here.

Note that there are also "Jesus Is A-Z Mini Posters" with all the visuals for each letter or lesson on one 8.5"x11" page. You can use these pages if you do not have room to post the full-sized poster boards around your room. You can also use them as coloring pages.


This is where kids get hands-on with the Bible. We purchased a case of inexpensive Bibles to have on hand in our classroom. However, kids should be encouraged to bring a Bible from home so they can become familiar with their very own Bibles. We also review the overall organization of the Bible during BIBLE SKILLS time.


This is the part of the class where the kids enjoy an activity, craft, and/or snack related to the lesson. Our goal is that even while they are eating a snack, the lesson will be reinforced.

Some activities involve a coloring or activity page. You will find these here.

Putting all of the above elements together makes for an exciting learning environment. Your students will have fun learning more about who Jesus is (His character) and what He does (His power). Jesus is more amazing than all of His titles and adjectives put together!

You can freely print each lesson in the Jesus Is A-Z curriculum via the links below. These lessons were freshly edited in 2019.

You can also purchase all 26 lessons printed in a spiral-bound book. The book is reasonably priced and convenient, and your purchase helps support The book contains the first-edition lessons, but I do plan to edit it soon.

NOTE: Lessons and Review Questions only are included in this book. Associated FREE visuals and activity pages will still need to be printed via this website. To order the book via, click on the following link:

Jesus is A-Z curriculum spiral-bound book

Lesson 1: Jesus -- #1 Name

Lesson 2: A - Advocate, Almighty, Alpha & Omega, Amen, Anchor, Author & Finisher

Lesson 3: B - Beginning & End, Beloved, Branch, Bread of Life

Lesson 4: C - Carpenter, Captain of Salvation, Chief Cornerstone, Christ, Compassionate, Counselor, Creator

Lesson 5: D - Dayspring, Deliverer, Door

Lesson 6: E - Emmanuel, Ensign, Eternal, Everlasting Father

Lesson 7: F - Faithful, First & Last, Firstborn from the Dead, Foundation, Friend

Lesson 8: G - Good Shepherd, Great God, God Manifested in the Flesh

Lesson 9: H - Head, Healer, Helper, High Priest, Holy One, Hope

Lesson 10: I - I AM, Image of the Invisible God, Immanuel

Lesson 11: J&K - Judge, Just One, King of the Jews, King of Kings & Lord of Lords

Lesson 12: L, Part 1 - Lamb of God, Last Adam, Light of the World, Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Lesson 13: L, Part 2 - Life, Lord of All, The Lord Our Righteousness, Love

Lesson 14: M, Part 1 - Man of Sorrows, Master, Mediator

Lesson 15: M, Part 2 - Messiah, Mighty God, Merciful

Lesson 16: N&O - Nazarene, Offspring of David, Only Wise God

Lesson 17: P, Part 1 - Passover, Peace, Power of God, Potentate

Lesson 18: P, Part 2, & Q - Prince, Prophet, Propitiation, & Quickening Spirit

Lesson 19: R, Part 1 - Rabbi, Redeemer, Resurrection, & Righteous

Lesson 20: R, Part 2 - Rock, Root of David, Ruler

Lesson 21: S, Part 1 - Savior, Salvation, Servant, Stone the Builders Rejected

Lesson 22: S, Part 2 - Sun of Righteousness, Star, Son of David, Son of Man/Son of God

Lesson 23: T-U-V - Teacher, Truth, Unchanging, Victorious, Vine

Lesson 24: W - Way, Witness, Wonderful, Word, Wisdom of God

Lesson 25: X-Y-Z - eXalted, eXample, Yea, Zealous

I divided the end-of-series review into two lessons:

Lesson 26a: Review, Letters A-M

Lesson 26b: Review, Letters N-Z

OR, here's the old one-lesson review:

Lesson 26: End-of-Series Review

Remember the VISUALS for the Jesus is A-Z Bible lessons can be found here

And any COLORING OR ACTIVITY PAGES for the Activity/Snack time can be found here.

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