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The Sunday school coloring page links on this page are ones I have used and found very helpful. These are links to free resources, as I know we as teachers are often on a tight budget. In addition to coloring pages, there are links to puzzle generators and clip art also. I hope you find these resources as helpful as I have.

Calvary Chapel's free children's curriculum has great coloring and activity pages. The original curriculum has been around for many years and is comprised of 325 Bible Studies geared toward 1st-6th graders. There are Old and New Testament coloring and activity pages in both English and Spanish. Each study is accessed via a PDF file which includes a coloring page, as well as two sets of quizzes and puzzles, one set for younger kids and another for older. The coloring pages are very basic and most have a KJV Bible verse printed at the bottom.

Calvary Chapel has now produced newer curriculum, which seems to follow a similar pattern with coloring/activity pages. Click on the link below to check out their various curricula, including original and newer, as well as Spanish versions.

Calvary Chapel’s Curriculum has coloring pages on a variety of topics such as the Days of Creation, Books of the Bible, Fruit of the Spirit, and The Lord's Prayer. They also have a Bible alphabet. Search their site for even more coloring pages. coloring pages

Nadene at Practical Pages has created a couple of Armor of God coloring pages that I really love.

Armor of God - Young Woman

Armor of God - Young Man

The site has some very nice Bible verse coloring pages.

Phillip Martin has some really cute clip art that is free for any non-profit use. He has artwork for some of the books of the Bible and the divisions of the Old and New Testaments, as well as some Bible characters and scenes.

Phillip Martin

OK, these are not coloring/activity pages, but is a great site for generating your own Bingo cards. I use these for review of key words/concepts. has a good word search generator. After you make your word search, be sure to solve it yourself to determine if the difficulty level is appropriate for your students’ abilities. I have done this in the past and then decided I needed to redo the puzzle, adjusting the size and/or the number of words included.

Also, be sure to check out Discovery Education's other free resources for teachers by clicking on the "Teachers" link at the top of their page.

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