Fun Sunday School Activities

Use fun Sunday school activities to celebrate an accomplishment, birthday, or special holiday, or just to take a break from your regular classroom routine. Doing fun things together can enhance learning, as well as help you build stronger relationships with your students and their families.

Some general ideas are listed below followed by links to pages with holiday-specific ones. Take the time to enjoy some fun with your students! Both you and they will be blessed.

General Sunday School Activities

  • Celebrate the end of a quarter with a party. Look back through the quarter’s lessons and choose favorite games, songs, activities, and snacks which will remind the students of what they have learned. Let them share what they remember from the quarter and remind them how it applies to their lives.
  • One Sunday a month celebrate your students’ (and teachers’) birthdays for that month with a special treat (e.g., cake, cookies, brownies) and a card and/or small gift (could be as simple as an extra-large candy bar) for each.
  • If your students are a little stir-crazy (and the weather is cooperative), move your class outside to the church lawn for the day.
  • From time to time, schedule an activity outside of class time. Make sure you get a properly signed Participation Release Form for each student and have plenty of adult supervision. Enlist parents’ help with food and supervision. Some ideas:

Roller skating

Ice skating

Miniature golfing



Inflatable bouncers/jumpers

Video game party

Board game party


Tea party


Bonfire with hotdogs and s’mores

  • Schedule a time for your students to serve others. They could serve another class during church time (e.g., help play with the Toddlers or serve snacks to the Teens). Or they could visit a nursing home or hospital and take handmade cards or sing for the residents.
  • Teach your students a basic Bible study and train them to teach it to others. Let them practice on their fellow students during class time. Then help them schedule times outside class to teach other friends.

Holiday Activities

Holidays are the perfect time to build relationships and have fun together. The following links will take you to other pages on where you will find ideas related to specific holidays.

Valentine's Day Activities and Ideas

Easter Activities and Ideas

Mother’s Day Activities and Ideas

Fall Activities and Ideas

Thanksgiving Activities and Ideas

Christmas Lessons and Ideas

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