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Free Sunday School Curriculum

Are you looking for simple, fun, effective, and free Sunday school curriculum?

As a teacher, I know the constant search for effective lessons, fresh ideas, and affordable resources. Over the past few years, I have enjoyed developing various curricula to use in kids' Sunday school and midweek Bible classes. I hope that by sharing these lessons and ideas I can be a blessing to other teachers and many more kids. I plan to keep as many of these resources as possible free.

Previously in our church's midweek Bible session for kids ages 5 to 10, we used a more traditional kids' church curriculum (think: theme, decor, music, skits, etc.) We were looking to minister to this wide age range, as well as keep everyone "entertained."

However, in an attempt to simplify the midweek class preparations while giving greater emphasis to kids really learning and retaining Bible knowledge, I began to rethink our approach and write lessons.

When writing Sunday school/kids' Bible study curriculum, I try to make it:

~ Simple ~

  • Keep things straightforward and easy for teachers to use. (Most Sunday school teachers I know are volunteers with a love for teaching kids the Bible but with limited time and resources.)

~ Fun ~

  • Make it fun and engaging for teachers and students alike. (It's difficult to get my students excited about learning something if I'm not excited about teaching it.)

~ Effective ~

  • Focus on actual learning, incorporating regular review. (Anything worth teaching is worth reviewing.)
  • Make sure all lessons are Biblically sound. The Bible is the solid foundation for learning. And kids are eager and willing to learn! I don't want to "baby-sit" the kids or teach down to them. I want to challenge them.

Free Sunday School Curriculum

The first free Sunday school curriculum I have posted to this site is Jesus Is A-Z. After all, it's all about HIM!

I plan to continue adding other curricula as I write. Click on the links below to access each set of lessons along with information on how to implement them in your class.

My prayer is that you will find the Bible curricula on this website as helpful as I have in planting Biblical truths in the hearts of students.

Check these out:

Jesus Is A-Z

Adventures on Route 66

I Love My Bible!

We Are...

Fruit of the Spirit

Armor of God

Christmas Lessons

I pray you enjoy teaching these curriculum series to your students. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you.

May God bless you and your students as you learn and grow together!

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