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My name is Annette Evans, and over many years of working in children's ministry, I have developed numerous lessons, coloring pages, songs, crafts, activities, and other resources for teaching kids the Bible. I started Creative-Sunday-School-Ideas.com as a way to share my ideas with you.

I like to focus on creating tools that are easy to use, as well as effective. I especially enjoy developing complete curricula, putting together various pieces that will help kids really learn and remember the Bible. It's exciting to see my students get excited about learning God's Word!

I have used these lessons and ideas in very large classes (50+ kids). And very small ones.

I have used them in both Sunday morning and midweek Bible classes, as well as to teach my own children the Bible at home.

I have used them to teach a variety of ages, while mainly focusing on elementary-aged children.

In other words, the information on this website is tried and true. It is also adaptable to a variety of situations.

Creative-Sunday-School-Ideas.com is a labor of love and a work in progress. As I continue to add to the site, you will find:

  • Free Bible lessons
  • Free complete curricula, as well as ideas for developing your own
  • Free coloring pages and worksheets
  • Bible memorization tips
  • Songs that aid in Bible memorization
  • Crafts to enhance Bible lessons
  • Games and activities that reinforce Bible learning
  • Helpful resources

As you use these ideas and materials, feel free to share your comments with me via the "Contact" button in the navigation bar on the left side of any page in the website. I would love to hear from you!

My prayer is that you will be encouraged and helped by the information on this website. As you plant the seed of God's Word in the hearts of children, remember that it will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). It may take awhile, but it will bear fruit in their lives. What an amazing privilege to be a Sunday school teacher!


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